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Vintage Vacation

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Taking a Closer look

Ejima Collection

Ejima means “TWIN” in the native Igbo language. We named the collection Ejima because it contains Ankara prints of the same pattern but in different colors. We use these prints to make a fun, vibrant collection you can mix and match for your new favorite outfit. 

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Vintage Vacation Collection in Cuba

In June, I had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful country of Cuba. Everyday was filled with adventure, from exploring Old Havana, to zip-lining, or a fun beach trip to Santa Maria. No matter what, there was always something from the collection that was perfect. Check out our Instagram highlights to see more of the trip. 

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Prints on Prints on Prints

Ankara is a wax cotton commonly used in West Africa. It can be worn to show unity, represent your identity or simply to make the perfect outfit. We use Ankara to help give our collections a voice rooted in culture. Plus, no collection is complete without its own headwrap or headband. 

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